House Newport –  Featured on both Top Billing and Amazing Spaces.

A shared love for architecture

If you live in a house like this then every day feels like a staycation.

The couple who built this easy-living showstopper have both been in property for years. Di de Ridder and her partner Clive met through the industry and their home is an expression of their shared love for architecture, design and of course – the perfect location. Clive project managed their build while the interiors and finishing touches were Di’s canvas.

They’ve kept it simple and chosen to let stand out fixtures and heirlooms define the character of each room. Wherever you are, you never feel cut off from any other room in this house and the understated staircase and upstairs gallery add to that sense of freedom of movement.

Broad, sweeping space, defined by views is best appreciated in the master bedroom. Whether it’s the complex foundation of this seemingly simple garden or the architecture’s mix of diverse American, Indian, Argentinean influences, it all comes together with ease. That is style.

Courtesy of Top Billing

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