MaC Architects at Trafalgar High School.

As part of a Mentorship Breakfast, MaC Architects visited Trafalgar High School in District SixCape Town, South Africa to speak to the youth and engage in their fears and aspirations.

Dominic (one of the learners at Trafalgar High School) had wonderful things to say and spoke highly of the experience. Interested in art and design, he felt that chatting to practicing Architects, and being offered a glimpse into what Architects do, inspiring. “It has given me a vision to work toward and I now know of what it may entail to work in the industry.”

One of the younger boys, Abduragheim, was encouraged to make goals to work toward. Abduragheim doesn’t have a clear idea of what field of work he wants to enter just yet, however, we took the time to chat to him about the importance of having a goal/ direction even if he doesn’t have a full picture in mind.

MaC Architects took plans and drawings along to show the students; this helped the learners conceptualize what an Architect does.

“Your interaction with the learners was invaluable and will leave a lasting impression.” Holly Murray – Matric Teacher 2017

Trafalgar High School was the first school built in Cape Town for coloured and black students. The school took a leading role in protesting for democratic policies.  MaC Architects will continue to invest in the youth and future of the country.

MaC Architects – Investing time in South Africa’s future!

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